A Collection of Medals to the Royal Lancaster Regiment

Date of Auction: 25th June 2014


Estimate: £160 - £200

Army L.S. & G.C., V.R., 1st issue, large letter reverse, edge dated ‘1852’ (Sergt. John Allchin, 4th Regt. Foot 1852) engraved naming, fitted with a later scroll suspension, edge bruising, some contact marks, very fine £160-200


John Allchin was born in Leybourn, near Malling, Kent. An Ostler by occupation, he attested for the 4th Regiment at Rochester, Kent on 14 November 1831, aged 20 years. He served overseas in New South Wales, 1832-37 and India, 1837-48. After attaining the rank of Sergeant in December 1841, he was pensioned on 23 November 1852 suffering from lumbago. His intended place of residence being Exeter.

With copied service papers and other research.