British Tokens from the Collection of Dr Ronald Ward

Date of Auction: 7th December 2015

Sold for £220

Estimate: £150 - £200

Countermarked issues: LONDON, Chiswell Street, borwick’s baking powder on France, 10 Centimes 1856a (Scott 22.202; SCMB 1970, p.451, and pl. 71, this piece); Clerkenwell, dix gas lamp maker clerkenwell on France, 5 Centimes 1856w (Scott 22.208a); Fleet Street, purchase number one of lloyd’s list, etc, on George III Penny, 1806-7, lloyds weekly newspaper 3d post free (3, varieties), on George III Pennies, 1797 (2) and Halfpenny, 1806-7 (Scott 22.28.2, 22.28.5, 22.28g, 22.28i); Grays Inn Road, try nevills patent lentils for soup on George III Penny, 1797 (Scott 22.40b); High Holborn, spence’s plan & every blessing/you fools & you rogues on George III Penny, 1797 (cf. Thompson, BNJ 1969, p.156; cf. DNW 129, 626); Houndsditch, davis wine & brandy merchant 46 houndsditch london on 1806 Halfpenny (Scott 22.12a); Leicester Square, empire theatre immense success, one side only (3), on France, 10 Centimes (2), 1853a, 1872a, Italy, 10 Centesimi, 1866m, both sides (2), on France, 10 Centimes (2), 1853w, 1863k (Scott 22.210a, 22.210b); New Oxford Street, pears’ soap. (5), on France, 10 Centimes (4), 1853bb, 1863a (2), 1872, 5 Centimes, 1855aa, pears’ soap sans-serif, on France, 10 Centimes, 1857, pears’ soap seriffed (10), on France, 10 Centimes, 1854a, 1854w, 1855a, 1855b, 1856b, 1856bb, 1856k, 1861a, 1873a, 1874 (Scott 22.218a, 22.218b, 22.218c); Shoe Lane, j. stanton wire & tin plate warehouse 77 shoe lane on Ireland, George III, Halfpenny, 1805 (Scott 22.57d); uncertain locality, r hurst london on George III Penny, 1797 [32]. Undertypes in varied state, countermarks generally very fine; in envelopes identified, with provenances £150-200