British Tokens from the Collection of Dr Ronald Ward

Date of Auction: 7th December 2015

Sold for £200

Estimate: £150 - £200

Countermarked and engraved issues: t.taylor on George I Halfpenny, 1723; t snelham 1783, cook and star, all on George II Halfpence [1729-39]; in memory of james hill died sept 30 1834 aged 42 years, e.cattle (2), t.hoy, maxwell, crown e.williams, c, hammer, all on George III Pennies, 1797; t.k. on George III Penny, 1806; p on George III imitation Halfpenny; j.whitworth, j.m g both on George III Halfpence, 1799; js. burns stewart, h.h, both on George III Halfpence, 1806; w.e.kies and k in oval, t, both on Victoria, Pennies, 1862; sarah wyatt 1873 183 on Victoria Penny, 1863; v crown r shearsteel warranted, stamped 33, on Victoria Penny, 1871; tax paid on Victoria Penny, 1900; a b c d on Victoria Halfpenny [1860-94]; 11 m 11 d 11 h 18 on George V Penny, 1918; j. nichols on Isle of Man Penny, 1786; g 5 on Guernsey 4 Doubles, 1830; w. reed on France 10 Centimes, 1854a; other sets of initials, etc, on silver coins (7, including Irish ‘slap’ issues), 18th century tokens, etc (10) [45]. Varied state; in envelopes identified, with provenances £150-200


Provenance: Isle of Man Mervyn Fuld Mailbid Sale 13, 15 October 1976 (900).

Snelham, Hill and Nichols only illustrated