British Tokens from the Collection of Dr Ronald Ward

Date of Auction: 7th December 2015

Sold for £220

Estimate: £150 - £200

Merchant checks: BEDFORDSHIRE, Biggleswade, Biggleswade Union, brass Bread tickets (3), 4, 3 and 2, all 28mm; BERKSHIRE, Maidenhead, J. Moores, brass (3), all 26mm; CAMBRIDGESHIRE, Cambridge, Charles Barber, brass bracteate Halfpenny, 25mm, Leverington, R. Bath, nickel Shilling, 20mm, Wisbech, Hobourn Bros, brass Penny-Farthing, 26mm, S. Moles & Sons, nickel Penny, 24mm; ESSEX, Barkingside, D. Edwards, copper Sixpence by Soho Metal Works, 26mm (Adams 137); KENT, Belvedere, Alfred Vinson, oval brass 2 Shillings, 36 x 25mm, brass 12, 24mm, Bromley, Pamphilon (Est. 1775), brass, 24mm; Dover, D.C. Co, copper Twopence, 14mm, James Temple, Cliff House School, brass Penny and Halfpenny, 23 and 24mm, Gravesend, Institution [1840], brass, 28mm (W & E 246B.1), Tulley’s Bazaar (W 1680), Ramsgate, Southee’s Practical System of Bookkeeping, white metal, 23mm (Andison, TCSB June 2009, p.246), Sidcup, John Sutton, brass Shilling and Sixpence, 28 and 27mm, Stuppington, J.R., brass, 12h (W 4920 var.); MIDDLESEX, Brentford, Titus Ward & Co Ltd, uniface brass 10 Shillings, 22mm; NORFOLK, Great Yarmouth, Horatio Fenner, uniface brass by Johnson (2), both 27mm, Norwich, R. Alden, Halfpence (2), both 1849, in copper and white metal, both 32mm, Ladyman, brass 1/4 Pound by Ardill, 19mm, Frank Price, uniface bronze Penny and Halfpenny, 31 and 25mm; SURREY, Chertsey, R.V. Smith Engineering Ltd, 21mm, Petersham, Smerdon Manor Farm, copper Shilling and brass Sixpence, both 29mm, Sutton, Mint Wedding Rings Ltd, brass, 26mm; SUSSEX, Brighton, Brighton Gaiety Ltd, copper Penny by Ardill, 22mm (KR –), Samuel Francis, copper, 27mm (KR –), Hooper Struve’s Mineral waters, ringed Farthing, 1936, 38mm, John B. Walker, copper, 27mm (KR –) [39]. Sidcup and Alden white metal fine, others about very fine and better; in envelopes identified, with provenances £150-200


Provenance: Stuppington bt W. Hussy 2003