British Tokens from the Collection of Dr Ronald Ward

Date of Auction: 7th December 2015

Sold for £240

Estimate: £120 - £150

Merchant checks: CHESHIRE, Chester, Chester Cocoa House Co Ltd, copper Penny (Edge P36), Prestbury, Prestbury Friendly Society, brass Threepence, 26mm (Edge –); LANCASHIRE, Ashton-under-Lyne, Ashton under Lyne Coffee and Cocoa Tavern Co, Penny, 28mm, Blackburn, T. Clemesha & Co, brass, 23mm, Burnley, John Hurtley & Son, North Bridge Mill, uniface brass, 26mm, Liverpool, Adamson & Tapley, octagonal brass, 24mm, British Workman Public House Co Ltd, copper Pennies (3), all 28mm, J.R. Cameron, brass, 27mm, Everton Club, copper Sixpence, 22mm, John Morrell & Co, aluminium, 37mm, Paton Calvert & Co, Matchless Metal Polish, aluminium (2, different), both 38mm, and a 1904 calendar medal, 38mm, Manchester, H. & A. Binyon, copper, 28mm, Falkner Bros, brass, 25mm, Manchester Coffee Tavern, brass Penny, 28mm, Mush & Clarke, brass (2), both 28mm, F. Royse, 1863, brass, 25mm (W & E 978B.1), R.S. Waterhouse, Halfpenny, copper, 26mm, Preston, Preston Guardian, brass, 26mm, John Thornley, 1850, brass, 32mm, Salford, Thomas Donley, Canterbury Hall, brass Threepence, 27mm, Ulverston, House of Letters, James Hall, brass Twopence, 23mm (Farthing 15.62), Wigan, White Lion Railway Hotel, brass Twopence, rev. countermarked 3, 28mm [27]. Generally about very fine, some better; in envelopes identified, with provenances £120-150


Provenance: Prestbury bt R. Sharman 1984; Burnley bt C.D. Cooke July 2001; Ulverston bt 1983