British Tokens from the Collection of Dr Ronald Ward

Date of Auction: 7th December 2015

Sold for £260

Estimate: £300 - £400

Merchant checks: CUMBERLAND, Carlisle, London & Carlisle Tea Co, brass Quarter-Pound, 21mm (Farthing 9.9), Penrith, William Hetherington & Co, uniface brass Threepence, 20mm (Farthing 9.49, not confirmed); Co DURHAM, Bishop Auckland, London & Newcastle Tea Co, copper Half-Pound, 25mm (A 4361; Gardiner p.6), Gateshead, Hood Haggie, brass Penny, 24mm (G –), London & Newcastle Tea Co, copper Quarter-Pound, 21mm (G p.23), M. Robson & Co, copper Penny, 31mm (G p.23), E. Shephard Ltd, white metal Shilling, red fibre Penny (2, one decimal), 26, 33 and 29mm (G p.21), Jarrow, London & Newcastle Tea Co, copper Quarter-Pound, 1880, 21mm (G p.27), South Shields, Allen & Co, copper Halfpenny, 23mm (G p.35), Stockton-on-Tees, Stockton-on-Tees Coffee Palace, copper Penny, 28mm (G p.42), Sunderland, Hedley Swan & Co Joplings, brass 20 Shillings, Pennies (2, copper and brass), copper Halfpenny, 22, 31, 32 and 25mm (G p.44), Hedley Swan & Co Ltd Joplings, cupro-nickel Sixpence, copper Penny, 19 and 32mm (G pp.44-5), Hill & Co, brass, 34mm (G p.44), Joplings Ltd, bronze Penny, 32mm (G p.44), J.A. Kennedy Ltd, square brass Penny and Halfpenny, 29 and 24mm (G p.45), London & Newcastle Tea Co, copper Half-Pound (2), brass Quarter-Pound, 25 and 22mm (G p.49), Tow Law and Bishop Auckland, [Joseph] Lingford, brass Half-Pound Tea, 23mm (G –); NORTHUMBERLAND, Blyth, Hedley Young & Co Ltd, uniface bronze Penny, 31mm (G p.66), Hexham, Robert Lyon, brass, 23mm (G p.70), Lynemouth, Lynemouth and District Workmen’s Social Club and Institute Ltd, brass 1 Pint, 26mm (G –), Newcastle-upon-Tyne, W. Alder Dunn & Co, octagonal brass, 24mm (G p.74), London & Newcastle Tea Co, brass Quarter-Pound, 21mm (G p.83), J.T. Parrish Ltd, copper Pennies (3, variants), 25 and 24mm (G p.78), North Shields, Bell Bros, uniface brass Halfpenny, 25mm (G p.86), D. Hill & Co, brass (4, different), all 33mm (G p.87); YORKSHIRE, Barnsley, W. Horne, brass, by Hiron, 26mm, Bradford, The United States Metallic Packaging Co Ltd, aluminium, 38mm, Cudworth, Cudworth Industrial Working Mens Club & Institute, brass, stamped 223, 26mm, Doncaster, Doncaster Public Cocoa and Coffee House, copper Penny, 30mm, Huddersfield, Sykes & Abbott, copper ‘Penny’, 31mm; Hull, Blackmore’s, nickel Shilling, 24mm, Leeds, J. Ardill, copper, 22mm, Bishop’s Wine Cellers, 1869, brass, 23mm (W 1909), C.W.S. Boot Works, copper Twopence by Ardill, 25mm (Rains 3), J.W. Fielding, brass, 25mm, Gelder Bros, brass Sixpences (2), both 25mm, brass Threepences (2, different), 23 and 22mm, Holbeck Liberal Club, uniface brass, 26mm, Royal Casino Concert Hall, copper, 24mm (W 1940), Sheffield, John Banner Ltd, uniface Pennies (3), in copper (2) and brass, 30 and 29mm, John Blurton, copper by Allen & Moore, 31mm, York, S. Maurice, brass Shilling and Sixpence, zinc Threepence, all 26mm [62]. Generally about very fine and better, some rare; in envelopes identified, with provenances £300-400


Provenance: Penrith bt Seaby 1979.

Joseph Lingford, an entrepreneurial Quaker, set up his baking powder business in 1861. His grandson, Herbert Lingford (1891-1950) was the famously insatiable collector of British coins who committed suicide as the business went into serious decline with the rise in popularity of self-raising flour