Gaming Counters from the Colin Narbeth Collection

Date of Auction: 1st October 2014

Sold for £80

Estimate: £100 - £150

LONDON, Dean Street, Jack’s [John Roberts] Coffee House, copper Sixpence and Threepence [1782], 25 and 20mm, 4.85g/6h, 2.22g/12h (MG 835-7; Mitchiner 5734-5); St James’s Street, Pickering Place, silver Five [Pounds], 29mm, 10.04g/12h (D & W 314/62); uncertain location, Lings, uniface copper, 35mm, 21.64g (D & W 61/131), Ten Guinea Society, copper, 25mm, 6.06g/12h (D & W 192/722; MG 1134) [5]. Fine to very fine, first with attempted piercing, third very rare £100-150


Provenance: First bt Baldwin July 1997; second and last W.J. Noble Collection, Part II, Noble Numismatics Pty Auction 61B (Melbourne), 3-4 August 1999, lot 1045 (part); *third Glendining Auction, 12 October 1966, lot 204 (part), bt Baldwin; fourth bt Baldwin