British Coins from the Collection of John Roberts-Lewis

Date of Auction: 18th March 2015

Sold for £210

Estimate: £120 - £150

Northumbria/York rulers, Æthelred II, Styca, monne around pellet cross, 1.06g/6h (N 190; S 868); Edward VI, Third period, Fine issue, Shilling, mm. tun, 5.97g/11h (N 1937; S 2482); James I, Farthing, Lennox type 3, mm. cross pattée fourchée, 0.71g/12h (E 30b; BMC 69; S 2679); Charles I, Farthings (2), counterfeit Maltravers type 2, mm. bell, 0.56g/12h (E C80; BMC 234; S 3198A), Rose type 3, mm. mullet, 1.40g/12h (E 172a; BMC 314; S 3203) [5]. Second fine with grey tone, others very fine £120-150


Provenance: E 30b SNC March 1980 (2499); E C80 C.W. Peck Collection, SNC March 1980 (2533)