A Collection of Medals and Tokens Relating to S.M.S. Emden, the Property of a Gentleman

Date of Auction: 13th May 2015

Sold for £260

Estimate: £100 - £150

Medals, S.M.S. Emden 1914, a silver and white enamel badge, unsigned, back stamped 800, 31mm; Kreuzer Emden, a tinplate and enamel badge by Ferd. Wagner, Pforzheim, 35 x 24mm; Roten Kreuzes [Red Cross], a blue ribbon by Verlag Amsler u. Ruthardt, Berlin, with images of von Mücke and S.M.S. Ayesha, back with stamp of the Königlich Sächsisches Armeemuseum, 39.5cm; together with a piece of black embroidered naval cap ribbon, s.m.s. emden blocked in gold in centre, 100cm, and black and white postcards of H.M.A.S. Sydney and S.M.S. Emden, former by Stephen Cribb for London County Council [6]. Very fine £100-150