The Collection of Engraved Coins formed by the late Richard Law

Date of Auction: 11th February 2015

Sold for £220

Estimate: £120 - £150

World, AUSTRALIA, George V, Florin, 1916m, rev. planed flat and engraved (Eileen, on scroll with floral background); AUSTRIA, Maria Theresa, Thaler, fretworked; FRANCE, Third Republic, 2 Francs [1898-1920], rev. planed flat and engraved (Will to Kate, France 1918, heart and clasped hands), Franc [1898-1920], rev. planed flat and engraved (Souvenir from France, 1918, arms of the Royal Artillery); GERMANY, Brunswick-Luneburg, Augustus, Thaler, 1645, made into a box (cf. KM. 446); HONG KONG [or Straits Settlements], Victoria, 20 Cents [1866-1901], rev. planed flat and engraved with a 3-masted schooner (H.M.S. Cadmus); MEXICO, Charles III, 8 Réales, 1781ff, Mexico City, obv. engraved (G.J., H.M. in crossed hearts); RUSSIA, Elizabeth, Rouble, 1754, St Petersburg, obv. engraved (W. Adams Junr. Ob: March 9 1759 Æ 6 Ys. 6 Ms. 20 Ds., Eliz. Adams Ob: June 10 1760 Æ 74Y 4M 9D) (KM. C. 19c.2) [8]. Varied state £120-150


Provenance: Russia bt S.H. Monks July 2011