The Collection of Engraved Coins formed by the late Richard Law

Date of Auction: 13th May 2015

Sold for £200

Estimate: £140 - £180

Caricatured portraits: on obvs. of George III, Penny, 1807, as a country squire in hat with pipe; Victoria, Pennies (10), 1860, 1882h, 1885, 1887 (3), 1888 (2), 1889, 1890, including Salvation Army bonnets, male cricketer, in military uniform, jockey attire, etc, Halfpence (3), 1874, 1882h, 1883, first fashioned as a dandy, second incorporating half-length figure of a lady, third as a bearded sailor in peaked cap; Edward VII, Penny, 1906, smoking and wearing a hat, Halfpenny, in jockey attire; George V, Penny, 1916, in nightcap and nightshirt, reaching for a chamberpot at the side of a bed; George VI, Penny, 1937, wearing a bowler hat and smoking, to resemble Edward VIII; together with a Victoria Penny, 1848, portrait smoking and wearing an eye patch, rev. Britannia smoking and with a robed Chinaman suspended from the trident; other coins (4), including France, 10 Centimes, 1855b, South Africa, Penny, 1898, and a USA hobo nickel; Farthings (6), various dates, 1897-1925, all fretworked [29]. Varied state, an interesting and amusing group, many pieces of excellent workmanship £140-180


Provenance: 1807 Penny bt R. Gladdle April 2004; 1848 Penny bt in Wakefield October 2009; 1860 Penny bt J. Whitmore November 2007; 1882h Penny bt in Birmingham April 1997; 1885 Penny bt in Wakefield June 2011; 1889 Penny bt J.G. Scott October 2008; 1890 Penny bt in Wakefield September 2004; 1874 Halfpenny bt A. Cope October 2011; 1883 Halfpenny bt J. Whitmore November 2000; 1906 Penny bt in Leeds July 1993; Edward VII Halfpenny bt in Bradford May 1992; 1916 Penny bt in Birmingham November 2002; 1937 Penny bt B.J. Dawson October 1989