The Collection of Engraved Coins formed by the late Richard Law

Date of Auction: 13th May 2015

Sold for £480

Estimate: £100 - £150

Halfpenny undertypes (6), viz. George III [1770-5], rev. with Britannia as a reclining nude with ornamental background, wine in exergue; a reversible head, rev. Matthias Corbett 1754; Miss Mellor Nottm. 1770; a phallic image on the rev. of a William III Halfpenny; Sarah Davis London 1756 around a rose, rev. bird and branch; crossed hearts, arrows and symbols, rev. seated male figure, My love to the (sic) my dear is true and hope I have the Same from you Octr 4 1783 [6]. Varied state, some of good style £100-150


Provenance: First bt S.H. Monks November 2011; second bt in Wakefield January 2003; third bt Baldwin April 1999; fourth bt S.H. Monks November 2011; fifth bt Spink June 2008; last bt S.H. Monks July 2011