The Collection of Engraved Coins formed by the late Richard Law

Date of Auction: 13th May 2015

Sold for £200

Estimate: £100 - £150

Halfpenny undertypes (6), viz. John Nuttall around JW monogram; Ann Winks 1775, rev. Jas. Winks, heart and arrows; courting couple, crossed hearts below, PG at sides, rev. CR monogram in wreath; heart and arrows, My bleeding heart Is Full Of Smart E R, rev. When This You Se Remember Me Zach. White, Elizth. Reice 1756; village scene with windmill, rev. Wm. Greenfield & My. Goff 1782 around rose; man in cap with very pointed nose, hand raised in admonishment, on rev. of George II Halfpenny [6]. Varied state, some of good style, second creased as a love token £100-150


Provenance: First bt in Birmingham October 1999; second bt S.H. Monks June 2012; fourth bt in Bradford 1989; fifth bt S.H. Monks July 2011