Medals from the Collection of the Revd. John Watson

Date of Auction: 25th November 2013

Sold for £210

Estimate: £80 - £100

Great Britain, Frederick, Prince of Wales, c. 1750, a copper medal by J.A. Dassier, bust left, rev. coronet of feathers supported by two cherubs above clouds, 55mm (MI II, 660/366; E 631); Death of Princess Charlotte, 1817, a ‘mule’ copper medal by T. Webb for Thomason, 54mm (BHM 939; E 1096 var); Sir Walter Scott, 1824, a white metal medal by W. Wyon for Thomason, 54mm (BHM 1238; Brodie 249, this piece); 80th Birthday of Thomas Carlyle, 1875, a copper medal by G.T. Morgan, 51mm (BHM 3006; E 1648) [4]. About extremely fine £80-100


Provenance: Third N.G. Brodie Collection, DNW Auction 41, 3 June 1999, lot 249, DNW Auction 48, 30 November 2000, lot 588