Maundy Coins and Sets, 1660-1792, from the Collection of the late Harrington Manville

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Date of Auction: 10th June 2015

Sold for £160

Estimate: £100 - £150

Third issue, Fourpence, Pennies (3), all mm. crown; undated Milled issue, Fourpences (2), one with obv. engraved ‘Miss F. Robins’, Twopences (6), type C (2), type D, single-arched crown (2, one an obverse brockage), type F, double-arched crown (2, both from the same fractured rev. die), Penny, type C, reads avspce (S 3317-18, 3324, 3327, 3383, 3387, 3389) [13]. One Third issue Penny virtually as struck and lightly toned, others in varied state, mostly damaged; in envelopes described with provenance details £100-150