Maundy Coins and Sets, 1660-1792, from the Collection of the late Harrington Manville

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Date of Auction: 10th June 2015

Sold for £1,100

Estimate: £900 - £1,200

Maundy set, 1689, Fourpence with g below bust, Threepence with lmv over mvs, Penny reading gvielmvs (ESC 2384; S 3446) [4]. Fourpence with metal fault on King’s bust, otherwise very fine and better, especially the Penny, toned, very rare £900-1,200


Provenance: Fourpence London Coins Auction, 7 December 1997, lot 74; Threepence London Coins Auction, 5 October 1997, lot 233; Twopence bt D. Seaman July 2001