Ancient Coins From the Collection Formed By John Roberts-Lewis

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Date of Auction: 15th September 2015

Sold for £160

Estimate: £150 - £200

LUCANIA, Pæstum, Triens, Second Punic War, 218-201, head of Dionysus right, rev. cornucopia, 4 pellets at left, 5.76g (HN Italy 1191; Craw. 5/1); Velia, Didrachm, Phase VII, c. 300-280, head of Athena right wearing crested helmet, rev. lion prowling left, dolphin above, 7.19g (HN Italy 1307; SNG Lockett 565); CAMPANIA, Neapolis, Æ 20, c. 275-250, head of Apollo left, rev. man-faced bull crowned by Victory, 5.31g (HN Italy 589); SICILY, Akragas, Litra, c. 472-420, eagle, rev. crab, 0.60g (BMC 51; Weber 1189); Naxos, Litra, c. 413-404, head of Dionysus left, rev. bunch of grapes, 0.73g (Cahn 92ff; BMC 25); Syracuse, temp. Agathokles, Æ 20, 317-289, head of Artemis right, rev. winged thunderbolt, 8.40g (BMC 422); Tauromenion, Æ 23, c. 260-220, head of Apollo left, bee behind, rev. tripod-lebes, 11.57g (BMC 46; SNC Copenhagen 935) [7]. Naxos fair, others mostly fine £150-200


Provenance: First bt Seaby 1978; second SCMB January 1979 (C 2); fifth Sotheby Auction, 28 March 1979, lot 21 (part), bt Spink 1979; last bt Spink 1979