Ancient Coins From the Collection Formed By John Roberts-Lewis

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Date of Auction: 15th September 2015

Sold for £110

Estimate: £100 - £150

PHOENICIA, Aradus, Æ 15, head of Zeus right, rev. triple-pointed ram of galley, year 115 [145 BC], 3.13g (BMC 131); Sidon, temp. Trajan, Æ 22, 116-17, head of Tyche right, rev. car of Astarte on two wheels, 10.67g (BMC 197); Tyre, temp. Antoninus Pius, Æ 20, 153-4, head of Tyche right, rev. galley, 6.38g (BMC 326); ARABIA, Nabathæa, Aretas IV, Philopatris (9 BC-40 AD), and Queen Shaqilath, Æ 17, conjoined busts right, rev. two cornucopiæ, 4.29g (BMC 14ff), Rabbel II (71-106) and Queen Gamilath, Æ 16, similar, 2.62g (BMC 3); CYRENAICA, Cyrene, Æ 16, c. 300-277, head of Zeus right, rev. palm tree with fruit, 4.33g (BMC 298); ZEUGITANA, Carthage, c. 241-146, Æ 20, head of Tanit left, rev. horse’s head right, 4.92g (Müller 296ff); NUMIDIA, Micipsa (148-118), Æ 25, bust left, rev. horse galloping left, no legends, 15.14g (Müller 32); together with other Greek bronzes (5, including three acquired in Pitane, Mysia) [13]. Cyrene about very fine, Tyre good fine and patinated, many others fine £100-150


Provenance: Cyrene SNC February 1982 (238)