Ancient Coins From the Collection Formed By John Roberts-Lewis

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Date of Auction: 15th September 2015

Sold for £220

Estimate: £100 - £150

T. Quinctius Flaminius, Denarius, c. 126, helmeted head of Roma right, rev. Dioscuri galloping right, 3.88g (Craw. 267/1; RSC Quinctia 2; S 143); L. Licinius Crassus and Cn Domitius Ahenobarbus, serrate Denarius, c. 118, head of Roma right in Attic helmet, rev. naked Gallic warrior in biga right, 3.79g (Craw. 282/2; RSC Cosconia 1; S 158) [2]. Very fine, both with light grey tone £100-150