Ancient Coins From the Collection Formed By John Roberts-Lewis

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Date of Auction: 15th September 2015

Sold for £150

Estimate: £100 - £150

Marcus Aurelius (as Cæsar), Denarius, Rome, 153-4, bust right, rev. Genius standing left, sacrificing over altar and holding eagle, 2.55g (RIC 461; C 673; S –); Faustina II, Denarius, Rome, 161-75, bust right, rev. Ceres seated left, 3.53g (RIC 669; BMC 79; S 5249); Lucius Verus, Denarius, Rome, 165, bust right, rev. Parthian captive seated on ground, hands tied behind back, 3.27g (RIC 540; BMC 385; S 5358); Commodus, Denarius, Rome, 189, bust right, rev. Mars standing left, holding olive branch and spear, 2.85g (RIC 175; BMC 256; S 5659) [4]. Fine to very fine, all but second toned £100-150


Provenance: Second bt Seaby 1979; third bt Spink 1978