Ancient Coins From the Collection Formed By John Roberts-Lewis

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Date of Auction: 15th September 2015

Sold for £190

Estimate: £150 - £200

Severus Alexander, Denarius, Rome, 232, bust right, rev. Jupiter advancing to front, holding eagle and thunderbolt, 2.85g (RIC 238; BMC 824; S 7871); Julia Mamæa, Denarius, Rome, 222, bust right, rev. Juno standing left, peacock at feet, 3.00g (RIC 343; BMC 43; S 8212); Maximinus I, Denarius, Rome, 235-6, bust right, rev. Fides standing left, holding standards, 3.39g (RIC 7a; C 7; S –); Gordian III, Antoninianus, Rome, 238-9, bust right, rev. Virtus standing left with spear and shield, 4.42g (RIC 6; RSC 381; S 8668); Philip I, Antoninianii (2), both Rome, 247, bust right, rev. Annona standing left, prow at feet, 3.64g (RIC 29; RSC 32; S 8923), 248, bust right, rev. lion walking right, i in exergue, 3.76g (RIC 12; RSC 173; S 8956); Otacilia Severa, Denarius, Rome, 247, bust right, rev. Pietas standing with globe and sceptre, 4.43g (RIC 130; RSC 43; S 9158) [7]. Very fine and better, particularly second and last two £150-200


Provenance: Julia Mamæa bt Seaby 1976; Philip I RIC 12 bt Spink 1980; Otacilia Severa SCMB January 1982 (C 35)