Ancient Coins From the Collection Formed By John Roberts-Lewis

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Date of Auction: 15th September 2015

Sold for £110

Estimate: £100 - £150

Philip II (as Cæsar), Antoninianus, Rome, 245-6, bust right, rev. Philip standing left in military attire, holding globe and resting on spear, 4.39g (RIC 218d; RSC 48; S 9240); Trajan Decius, Antoninianus, Rome, 251, bust right, rev. Genius of Illyricum standing left, holding patera and cornucopiæ, 3.81g (RIC 15b; RSC 46; S 9372); Herennia Etruscilla, Antoninianus, Rome, 250-1, bust right, rev. Fecunditas standing left, extending right hand to child, 4.47g (RIC 56; RSC 11; S 9492); Trebonianus Gallus, Antoninianus, Milan, 252-3, bust right, rev. Pax standing left, holding olive branch and sceptre, 3.71g (RIC 71; RSC 76; S 9639); Volusian, Antoninianus, Milan, 252, bust right, rev. Virtus standing right with spear and shield, 3.65g (RIC 206; RSC 133; S 9776); Valerian I, Antoninianus, Lugdunum, 257-9, bust right, rev. Sol advancing left, holding whip, 3.01g (RIC 12; RSC 143a; S 9952) [6]. Third extremely fine, others very fine or better and toned £100-150


Provenance: Third SNC January 1979 (118)