The Collection of Medals formed by the late John Seabrook

Date of Auction: 28th March 2002

Sold for £4,200

Estimate: £3,000 - £3,500

Naval General Service 1793-1840, 1 clasp, Trafalgar (John Polglaze) minor edge bruise, otherwise good very fine £3000-3500


John Polglaze is confirmed on the rolls as an Able Seaman aboard the Conqueror at Trafalgar.

He was born in Cornwall and went by the name of ‘Colglaze’ until about 1815, when it changed to ‘Polglaze’. He had a remarkably long period of service, more than 44 years, having volunteered to join the Navy on 15 May 1803, and left the service on 26 September 1849, at which time he was aged about 60. He joined the Conqueror on 18 May 1803, but on 26 August 1804, he is marked as “Run” (i.e Deserted). He appears again on the Conqueror from 8 March 1805 until 26 February 1812, when he transferred to the Barham. He then served in the Boyne and Bellerophon until being Paid Off on 28 May 1815, but re-appearing as “Plymouth Extra” on 14 August 1816, as a Rigger. Amongst other ships, he then saw service in the Tortoise, Hyacinth, Winchester, Blanche, and Druid, being rated as Mate, Bosun, etc., until 30 April 1836. He is next shown at Greenwich in May 1836, presumably having been Paid Off from Druid on 30 April. His rate is variously shown as Superior Petty Officer, Rigger, and Mate, until his final entry on 26 September 1849. Since he was made a Boatswain prior to serving 21 years, he was never eligible for a L.S. & G.C. medal and gratuity. Sold with full research including copy service record.