The Collection of Medals formed by the late John Seabrook

Date of Auction: 28th March 2002

Sold for £5,200

Estimate: £2,500 - £3,000

Naval General Service 1793-1840, 3 clasps, 1 June 1794, 23 June 1795, Nile (Nathl. Taylor) extremely fine £2500-3000


Ex Murray Collection.

Nathaniel Taylor is confirmed on the rolls as an Able Seaman aboard the Valiant for the first two actions, and as Gunner’s Mate aboard the Amazon at the Nile.

Nathaniel Taylor was born at Chatham, Kent, on 6 April 1772. He was brought up to the trade of the sea and by the age of 21, was a prime seaman of several years standing in the merchant fleet. On 21 October 1793, he was off the English coast in the Kent, East Indiaman, when they were hailed by the Raisonable, a captured French prize of 64 guns. Taylor volunteered to join the Navy on that day and was promptly rated Able Seaman. He joined the Valiant on 24 April 1794, and served in that ship under Lord Howe at the 1st June 1794, and under Admiral Bridport on 23rd June 1795. On 2 June 1799, Taylor joined the Amazon, a fine new frigate of 36 guns. He was promoted to Quarter Gunner on 1 March 1800, and to Gunner‘s Mate on 29 January 1801.

At Copenhagen in April 1801, Amazon distinguished herself before the battle with Nelson aboard when she carried out several valuable reconnaissance missions, and in the battle itself when she carried out a role out of all proportion to her size. Her captain, Edward Riou, engaged the Danish battleship Indfodsretton and the Hialperon, mounting 64 and 22 guns respectively, along with the Danish ship-of-the-line Mars, 84 guns, and the battleship Elephanten, the largest ship in the whole battle. Captain Riou was cut in half by a round shot from the Trekoner Fort, and the Amazon had a further 14 men killed and 23 wounded. The Amazon was Paid Off at Long Reach, Yarmouth, on 6 August 1802, and with the signing of the Treaty of Amiens, it is likely that Taylor returned to the merchant service.