The Collection of Medals formed by the late John Seabrook

Date of Auction: 28th March 2002

Sold for £2,200

Estimate: £1,400 - £1,600

Waterloo 1815 (Capt. P. Wodehouse, 15th or King’s Reg. Hussars) fitted with original steel clip and small ring suspension, minor edge bruising, otherwise good very fine £1400-1600


Philip Wodehouse was the eldest son of the Reverend Philip Wodehouse by Appollonia, daughter and co-heir of John Nourse, of Woodeaton in the County of Oxford. Captain Wodehouse was present at the storm of San Sebastian and received two musket shots through his cap. He went to the town just after the storm and final surrender on 9th September. Here he was the means of saving the lives and honour of two girls, daughters of one Ganeiros, the leading hotel-keeper in San Sebastian. His house was one of the few which escaped total destruction by the bombardment, and when the British entered the town Ganeiros concealed his two daughters, bringing them food at night. Being eventually ill-treated and mortally injured by some soldiers, he was unable himself to do more, so confided his story to Captain Wodehouse, then occupying quarters at the hotel. This officer came at night to the girls' hiding place, passed them out of the house and town disguised in soldier's cloaks, and escorted them across the frontier to safety.

Wodehouse became Major, unattached, in 1817, and Lieutenant-Colonel in 1821, at which time he was appointed Inspecting field Officer of Militia. He became Colonel, and retired, in 1837. He is still shown in the Army List of 1843 as a retired Colonel, ‘late of 1st Life Guards’.