The Collection of Medals Formed By Dr A W Stott

Date of Auction: 25th March 1997

Sold for £45

Estimate: £30 - £40

Four: Able Seaman J. A. Borrowdale, Royal Navy, H.M.S. Egret
1939-45 Star; Africa Star, clasp, North Africa 1942-43; Atlantic Star; War Medal, these all named, together with named condolence slip and partially defaced card box of issue, extremely fine (4)


P/JX 261225 Able Seaman John Annan Borrowdale was killed on 27 August 1943, when H.M.S. Egret was bombed and sunk in the Bay of Biscay. Part of an anti-submarine group engaged on a sweep, she was set on fire and blew up in an attack by 19 Do-217 aircraft. She had been hit by a new type of glider bomb called the Hs-293. One or two of these weapons, which had a wing span of eleven feet, could be carried under the wings of a heavy bomber such as the Do-217 or He-177. They had small jet engines which started after release and the parent aircraft then guided them by radio control towards the target. Their speed was 300-400 knots and the explosive heads weighed 1,100 lbs.