A Collection of Medals to the York & Lancaster Regiment

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Date of Auction: 6th May 1992

Sold for £1,100

Estimate: £800 - £1,000

A scarce D.C.M. group of six for the campaign in Norway 1940, awarded to Sergeant A. Cully

DISTINGUISHED CONDUCT MEDAL, G.VI.R. (4745231 A. Sjt., Y. & L.R.); 1939-45 STAR; AFRICA STAR; ITALY STAR; DEFENCE AND WAR MEDALS, contact marks, nearly very fine (6)


D.C.M., London Gazette, 6th August, 1940: 'For gallant and distinguished services in connection with recent operations in Norway.' The following citation was extracted from an official source: ‘For conspicuous gallantry on the 28th April, 1940. The enemy had succeeded in turning the flank of the position and had been able to establish a road block to prevent withdrawal. Lance Sergeant Cully was in command of the fighting patrol which was ordered to drive back the enemy infiltration. On nearing a bend in the road a road block was found. At the same time the enemy opened fire with a machine gun. L/Sgt. Cully ordered covering fire with a light machine gun, while he himself advanced by the side of the road and succeeded in destroying with grenades the enemy machine gun post which was in a house covering the road block. He then cleared part of the block and returned to Pte. Ryan. Together they mounted a lorry carrying Anti-tank guns. Pte. Ryan fired his L.M.G. from the lorry and the lorry rushed the block. It was owing to the gallant action of L/Sgt. Cully and Pte. Ryan that the A.T. guns were got away safely.’

The 1st Battalion sailed to Norway aboard H.M.S. Sheffield on 22nd April and returned on 30th April, 1940. This brief campaign cost the Battalion over 200 men, many of whom were either taken prisoner or interned in Sweden. The majority of the casualties resulted from the action on 28th April near Otta, the survivors making their way to Aandalsness where they re-embarked on the Sheffield, Arethusa and other smaller craft. In addition to Sgt. Cully's D.C.M., Major Jordan was awarded the D.S.O. and Private Ryan the M.M. A total of 14 D.C.M.'s were awarded to the Regiment during the Second World War.