A Fine Collection of Indian Distinguished Service Medals

Date of Auction: 20th October 1993

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Estimate: £180 - £220

I.D.S.M., G.VI.R. (38321 Hav. Maj. Darshan Singh, 8(L) Ind. Mtn. R.I.Arty.) very fine


I.D.S.M. (Immediate) London Gazette, 20 September, 1945. 'In Burma, on 30th May 1945, No. 38321 Havildar Major Darshan Singh went our as Forward Observation Officer with C Company of the 1/19 HYDERABAD Regt to engage a force of 4/5000 Japs in the village of PANTHINMYAING. The Coy was unable to advance against such strong opposition, but Hav. Maj. Darshan Singh with only one section as escort wormed his way through the jungle and enemy forward outposts, taking line with him, to a place only 180 yards from the main enemy position from where, controlling the fire of his own Battery and of one Battery of Medium and one Battery of Field Artillery, firing from three different angles, he brought down heavy and accurate fire on the enemy positions. On the following day Hav. Maj. Darshan Singh was not able to occupy his old Observation Post as the enemy had changed position and were occupying this area. Hay Maj Darshan Singh located a tree from which he could observe the new position, and, after establishing a temporary Observation Post in the branches, he again brought down heavy and accurate fire from three Batteries with such devastating effect that the Coy were able to walk into the position unopposed. Over 100 Jap bodies were counted on the position, all killed by the gunfire brought down by this N.C.O. The exceptional skill and initiative displayed by this Havildar Major over a period of two days, backed by a complete disregard of personal safety, undoubtedly played a decisive part in the successful elimination of strong enemy resistance.'