A Fine Collection of Indian Distinguished Service Medals

Date of Auction: 20th October 1993

Sold for £120

Estimate: £180 - £220

I.D.S.M., G.VI.R. (A 1396 L-Nk. Rattan Singh, I.S.C.) very fine


I.D.S.M., London Gazette, 25 November, 1943. 'During the operations in Tunisia, 15 Mar to 15 May 43, this N.C.O displayed outstanding and constant gallantry, efficiency and devotion to duty as superintendent Brigade Signal Office. His duties involved moving with Tac Bde H.Q. in all operations, and owing to casualties early in the campaign an additional burden was thrown on him as the only remaining N.C.O. Operator. At all timesand under conditions of extreme danger and difficulty, this N.C.O. maintained this vital link in communications over long periods without relief, and without regard to his personal safety. In particular, at DJ Garci, 19-23 Apr, under frequent and intense bombardment, singlehanded and for 24 hours at a time without relief, he worked the Signal Exchange, and superintended communications forward, without which the Brigade must have ceased to function at critical periods of enemy counter-attack. At Medjez-el-Bab, 6 May, when wireless communication to the leading battalion failed through casualties, and such communication was essential to the success of the breakthrough, L-Nk Rattan Singh immediately went forward under intense mortar fire with a new set and re-established communications. The standard of bravery and devotion displayed by this N.C.O. throughout the campaign has been a magnificent inspiration to all ranks of the Signal Section.'