A Fine Collection of Indian Distinguished Service Medals

Date of Auction: 20th October 1993


Estimate: £200 - £250

I.D.S.M., G.VI.R. (18781 Sep. Man Singh, 1-1 Punjab R.) nearly very fine


I.D.S.M. (Immediate), London Gazette, 20 April, 1944. Awarded for Bunker Hill, Arakan: 'On the 25th January 1944 he showed the greatest courage and determination. In the assault he was in the fore and personally killed two of the enemy. When his V.C.O. was wounded he caused his evacuation. His platoon captured a bunker. He assisted in the consolidation, killing two more Japanese. One of his duties was to carry his Company Commanders megaphone. When available he used it himself to shout diversion to the enemy and cheers to his comrades. His Company Commander likened him to a fox-terrier. All day he was dashing about, ferreting our Japs, firing an L.M.G. and throwing grenades.'