A Fine Collection of Indian Distinguished Service Medals

Date of Auction: 20th October 1993

Sold for £140

Estimate: £200 - £250

I.D.S.M., G.VI.R. (Jemdr. Abdul Latif, 2-1 Punjab R.) very fine


I.D.S.M., London Gazette, 16 December, 1943. Awarded for gallantry in Burma, on the West Mayu Front: 'On 18th April '43 Subedar Abdul Larif was 2nd in Comd of B Coy. which was holding the feature 1501. At 1700 hrs the guard left on the Amn. dump on the saddle below reported that a party ofJaps had got around the dump. This V.C.O. went down with a Pl. and gained contact with the enemy after dusk and kept them under observation. By 0515 hrs next morning the enemy strength had gone up to approx 200 and they were busy bathing and cooking and rather careless. This V.C.O. grabbed the opportunity, crept forward with his men and having got his Bren Guns and Grenadiers in position, opened up and accounted for at least 25 killed and a large proportion wounded. The enemy tried to surround this Pl. by climbing up the slopes on both sides but Subedar Abdul Latif very successfully brought it back to the saddle having suffered only one casualty and prevented the Japs from using that Nullah to move further North and forced them to climb up Pt. 860 which soon became a good R.A.F. and Arty. target. On 23rd April 1943 again this V.C.O. led a most gallant attack on to 507305 which was held by a small Jap party and drove this off with casualties. Subedar Abdul Larif on both these occasions displayed outstanding gallantry and initiative and complete disregard of personal safety and also employed leadership of the finest order.'