A Collection of Medals to the 90th Foot, Scottish Rifles and Cameronians

Date of Auction: 9th December 1999

Sold for £390

Estimate: £350 - £400

Pair: Colour-Sergeant Henry Hutt, 90th Light Infantry, twice wounded during the Crimean campaign and one of Havelock’s 1st Relief Force at Lucknow

Indian Mutiny 1857-59, 2 clasps, Defence of Lucknow, Lucknow (90th Lt. Inf.); Army L.S. & G.C., V.R., small letter reverse (2978 Cr.-Sergt, 90th Regt.) the first with contact marks, otherwise nearly very fine, the second very fine (2) £350-400


Henry Hutt was severely wounded at Sebastopol on 10 June 1855 (London Gazette 22 June 1855), and slightly wounded in the final attack on the Redan on 8 September 1855 (London Gazette 25 September 1855). He served in India 1857-59 with Havelock’s Relief Force, in the second defence and at the final capture of Lucknow, and was awarded the L.S. & G.C. medal in 1870.