A Fine Collection of Royal Household Awards

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Date of Auction: 4th December 2001

Sold for £800

Estimate: £500 - £600

Fourteen: John Elson, Livery Porter

Royal Household Faithful Service Medal, G.V.R., 1st issue, suspension dated ‘1910-1930’ (J. Elson); Jubilee 1897, bronze (J. Elson, June 20. 1897); Coronation 1902, bronze; Coronation 1911; Belgium, Royal Household Medal, Albert, silver (1921); France, Medal of Honour, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, silver; Greece, Royal Household Medal, George I, silver (1905); Denmark, Medal of Recompense, Christian X, silver (1914); Russia, Medal for Zeal, Nicholas II, worn from ribbon of St Stanislas (1909); Sweden, Royal Household Medal, Gustav V, silver (1908); Spain, Order of Military Merit, 5th class, silver (1907); Italy, Royal Service Medal, Victor Emanuele III, bronze (1924); Portugal, Carlos I Coronation Medal 1889, bronze (1904); Persia, Medal of the Order of the Lion and Sun, silver (1902) mounted court style as worn, generally good very fine £500-600


John Elson entered the service of Queen Victoria in 1896, in the Department of the Master of the Horse, as the junior of the four Footmen. He is listed as Mew’s Footman in 1898 and Footman in 1900. He rose to the position of Livery Porter and received his Faithful Service Medal in May 1930. In his capacity as Livery Porter, Elson would have been on duty at one of the many entrances to Buckingham Palace, escorting visitors in and out. Elson also did carriage duties from time to time. He died on 24 March 1932.