The Goddard Book Collection

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Date of Auction: 24th November 2015

Sold for £40

Estimate: £50 - £70

Clark, John D., The Men of H.M.S.Victory at Trafalgar; Schom, Alan, Trafalgar, Countdown to Battle 1803-1805; Adkins, Roy & Leslie, The War for all the Oceans; Clayton, Tim & Craig, Phil., Trafalgar, the men, the battle, the storm; Maffeo, Steven E., Most Secret and Confidential, Intelligence in the Age of Nelson; Nicholson, Adam, Men of Honour, Trafalgar and the making of the English Hero; Heathcote, T. A., Nelson’s Trafalgar Captains & Their Battles; White, Colin, The Nelson Companion; White, Colin, The Trafalgar Roll, the Ships and the Officers; White, Colin, 1797 Nelson’s Year of Destiny; Hill, Richard, The Prizes of War; Bancroft, James W., Deeds of Valour; O’Brian, Patrick, Navy; Oman, Carola, Nelson; Russell, W. Clark, Pictures from the Life of Nelson; together with the following paperbacks: Grove, Eric (Editor-in-Chief), Great Battles of the Royal Navy; Terraine, John, Trafalgar; [National Maritime Museum], Nelson, an illustrated history; Pope, Dudley, England Expects, Nelson and the Trafalgar Campaign; Parsons, Lieut. G. S., Nelsonian Reminiscences; Kennedy, Ludovic, Nelson and His Captains; Adkins, Roy, Trafalgar, The Biography of a Battle; with a booklet: Rathbone, Philip, Paradise Merton; together with a C.D.- The Complete Navy List of the Napoleonic Wars 1793-1815; Sotheby’s, Nelson, The Alexander Davison Collection, 21 October 2002, mostly in good condition (25) £50-70