The collection of Badges formed by the late Phil Harris

Date of Auction: 16th September 2010

Sold for £700

Estimate: £500 - £600

OTC and CCF, seven carded displays including Uppingham School four variable cap badges, a bronze collar badge and a cloth shoulder title (CCF); Oakham School a rare first pattern bronze cap badge featuring the school seal, a pair of cloth shoulder titles (CCF); Harrow School OTC a pair of blackened shoulder titles, variable cap badges; Harrow Lower School of John Lyon a rare brass shoulder title; Kingham Hill School Oxford a scarce brass CCF cap badge; Royal Wantage School brass cap badge; The Coopers Company School OTC brass cap badge; Herts Cadets a bronze cap badge; Tiffin School one brass shoulder title; Queen Mary’s Grammar School Walsall two variable cloth shoulder titles; Whitgift School Rifle Volunteers a rare silver plated QVC pouch belt plate, Whitgift School OTC a pair of brass shoulder titles and a white metal cane top; Dover College OTC a pair of shoulder titles and two cap badges; Skinners School OTC a shoulder title, two cap badges (one heavily worn) and a cloth shoulder title (CCF); Ampleforth College a JTC cap badge and a CCF cap badge, a white metal cane top and a cloth shoulder title; Royal Grammar School Lancaster a scarce bronze KC cap badge; Rossell School Cadets a rare large white metal QVC button and Rossell School CCF a bimetal KC cap badge; Epsom College OTC a brass cap badge and a pair of brass shoulder titles and a later anodised cap badge; Bradfield College OTC a rare bronze cap badge, a brass shoulder title and a cloth shoulder title (CCF); Dartford Grammar School CCF a scarce white metal cap badge, good overall condition (67) £500-600