The collection of Badges formed by the late Phil Harris

Date of Auction: 16th September 2010

Sold for £980

Estimate: £700 - £800

University and Schools OTC, nine carded displays including Edinburgh University OTC cloth shoulder title, a pair of brass shoulder titles and buttons, five variable headdress badges; Glasgow and Strathclyde University OTC an anodised cap badge; Edinburgh Academy a scarce white metal cap badge; Louth School OTC a scarce bronzed cap badge (blades) and a bimetal cap badge; Grantham School OTC a bimetal cap badge; Monmouth School a brass shoulder title, a bronzed cap badge (KK2625) and a brass second pattern dragon cap badge; Liverpool College a brass OTC cap badge and CCF cap badges in brass and anodised, a white metal Kings Liverpool Regiment cap badge, a brass shoulder title Liverpool/OTC /Institute; Wellingborough OTC a scarce bronze cap badge and one brass shoulder title; St. John’s School Leatherhead four cap badges (one bronze); Perse School four cap badges in variable metals including an officer’s silver plate (blades) and a cloth shoulder title (CCF); Derby School OTC a bronze cap badge, JTC a brass cap badge, CCF a brass cap badge (worn); Trent College OTC a brass cap badge; King’s School Rochester OTC a brass cap badge; St. Dunstan’s College OTC a brass cap badge (heavily worn) and an anodised, and a rare brass shoulder title; Canford School OTC two cap badges bronze and chrome; Lord William’s School, Thame a brass cap badge; St. Edmund’s College, Ware a rare bronze cap badge and a chrome cap badge (both OTC); Denstone College a brass shoulder title and two brass cap badges; Maidstone School OTC two cap badges (first and second patterns); King William’s College, Isle of Man a scarce brass cap badge (KK 2602) and two second pattern cap badges, three cloth shoulder titles (CCF); Felsted School two brass cap badges and one brass shoulder title; Newcastle High School OTC a brass shoulder title; Manwood’s School a brass cap badge and two brass shoulder titles; Price’s School CCF a cloth shoulder title, good overall condition (76) £700-800