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Date of Auction: 16th September 2010

Sold for £140

Estimate: £150 - £200

Six: Field Reservist J. T. Ackermann, British South Africa Police Reserve, late Lieutenant and pilot, South African Air Force

Rhodesia General Service Medal (6607F F./R. Ackermann, J. T.); Rhodesia Police Reserve Long Service Medal (6607F F./R. J. R. Ackermann), note second initial; 1939-45 Star; Italy Star; War Medal 1939-45; Africa Service Medal 1939-45, these four officially inscribed, ‘542312 J. T. Ackermann’, the 1939-45 awards mounted as worn, extremely fine (6) £150-200


Jan Truter Ackermann, who was born in Caledon, Cape Province, in August 1916, enlisted in the South African Air Force in May 1942, qualified as a pilot, and was posted to No. 21 Squadron in the Middle East. He subsequently flew operationally over Italy, piloting Baltimores in daylight missions against enemy troops and communications, including sorties in support of the Anzio and Monte Cassino operations, and Tito’s partisans in Yugoslavia. His squadron converted to Marauders in July 1944, and continued in an operational role until September 1945, latterly attacking targets in Northern Italy.

Released from the S.A.A.F. in early 1946, Ackermann subsequently emigrated to Rhodesia and found employment as a surveyor in the Cam & Motor Gold Mine, near Eiffel Flats. He also joined the British South Africa Police Reserve in December 1956, in which capacity he served for nearly a month in the “Nyasaland Emergency” of 1959. Awarded his Police Reserve Long Service Medal in May 1972 (Force Order 180/72 refers), and his Rhodesia General Service Medal in March 1977 (Force Order 3/77 refers), he was finally discharged in May of the latter year; sold with a file of research, including copied S.A.A.F. service record which confirms his entitlement to the above described awards from the 1939-45 War.