Long Service Medals from the Collection formed by John Tamplin

Date of Auction: 25th September 2008

Sold for £1,200

Estimate: £700 - £800

Pair: Colour-Sergeant George Morgan, Royal Marine Light Infantry

Royal Navy L.S. & G.C., V.R., wide suspension (Ge. Morgan Co. Sergt. 23rd Co. R.M. 21 Yrs.); Royal Marine Meritorious Service Medal, E.VII.R. (George Morgan, Col. Sergt. R.M.L.I. 25 July 1904) the first nearly very fine, the second good very fine (2) £700-800


Only about 40 Edward VII Royal Marine Meritorious Service Medals were awarded, of which 13 are known extant.

George Morgan joined the Royal Marine Light Infantry in 1850, aged 13 years. He was awarded the L.S. & G.C. medal in January 1871 with a Gratuity of £15, and the Royal Marine M.S.M. in 1904 with an Annuity of £10 commencing 8th July, 1904.