Long Service Medals from the Collection formed by John Tamplin

Date of Auction: 25th September 2008

Sold for £900

Estimate: £400 - £500

Three: Colour-Sergeant S. Partridge, Royal Marine Light Infantry

Queen’s South Africa 1899-1902, no clasp (Sergt. S. Partridge, R.M.L.I.) impressed naming; Royal Navy L.S. & G.C., V.R., narrow suspension (S. Partridge, Sergt. No. 2908 Plymo. R.M.L.I.) impressed naming; Royal Marine Meritorious Service Medal, G.VI.R. 1st issue (PLY.2908 S. Partridge, Cr. Sgt. R.M.L.I. 17 Feb. 1939) very fine or better (3) £400-500


Q.S.A. confirmed under ‘Miscellaneous’ on the roll of Cape & Transport Staff (47 medals issued). He also received a Bronze Medal for the 1902 Coronation.