Long Service Medals from the Collection formed by John Tamplin

Date of Auction: 26th March 2009

Sold for £430

Estimate: £260 - £300

Eight: Major Ernest George Cuming, Royal Field Artillery

1914-15 Star (55059 Cpl., R.F.A.); British War and Victory Medals (58059 A.W.O. Cl. 2, R.A.); Defence and War Medals, unnamed; Army L.S. & G.C., G.V.R., 2nd issue, fixed suspension (1025265 B.Q.M. Sjt., R.A.); Army Meritorious Service Medal, G.VI.R., 3rd issue, ‘Fid. Def.’ (1025265 Sjt., R.A.); Efficiency Decoration, G.VI.R., 2nd issue, Territorial, with ‘G.VI.R.’ Second Award Clasp, reverse of decoration and clasp officially dated, ‘1950’, unnamed, mounted as worn, fine and better (8) £260-300


Ernest George Cuming entered a theatre of war on 29 July 1915 as a Corporal in the R.F.A. By the end of the war he was an Acting R.S.M. Continuing to serve after the war, he was awarded the Army L.S. & G.C. with Gratuity by Army Order 357 of 1927. Cuming was discharged later on, and he subsequently joined the ranks of the Territorial Army, becoming a B.Q.M.S. in a R.A. (T.F.) unit. He was granted a commission in the T.A. on 27 July 1939. In May 1941 Lieutenant (Q.M.) Cuming was transferred from the R.A. and became a Lieutenant (O.E.O. 3rd Class) in the R.A.O.C. (T.A.). He was promoted a War Substantive Captain (O.E.O. 2nd Class) in November 1942. At the end of the war he was advanced to Captain and was later promoted to Major. Having exceeded the age limit, Major Cuming relinquished his commission whilst retaining his rank on 26 April 1949. He was awarded the Efficiency Decoration and clasp, notified in London Gazette of 21 April 1950; and the M.S.M. by Army Order 176 of December 1951. Sold with copied research.