Long Service Medals from the Collection formed by John Tamplin

Date of Auction: 26th March 2009

Sold for £210

Estimate: £100 - £140

Colonial Police L.S. & G.C., G.VI.R., 1st issue (Const. Mohamed Ghous, Aden Police) good very fine £100-140


Mohamed Ghous was a member of the Aden Armed Police Force. As a Corporal, he served in the Second World War and qualified for the War Medal 1939-45 (Aden Gazette, General Notice 365 of 1948). Subsequently, after completing 18 years of faithful service in the Aden Armed Police Force, he was awarded the Colonial Police L.S. & G.C. (Aden Gazette 1 January 1948).

With copied gazette extracts.