The Preston-Morley Buckinghamshire Collection: Tokens

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Date of Auction: 28th November 2001

Sold for £130

Estimate: £80 - £100

17th Century, Aylesbury, Joseph Freer, Farthing, 1652, Mercers’ arms, 1.25g/6h (Berry & Morley 18; SCBI Norweb 285, same dies; BW. 14); John Hill, Halfpenny, 1665, man dipping candles, 1.31g/6h (Berry & Morley 19; SCBI Norweb 286, same dies; BW. 15); Thomas Hill, Farthing, Mercers’ arms, 1.08g/6h (Berry & Morley 20; BW. 16) [3]. First about very fine, second weakly struck but fine, third fair but rare (£80-100)


*B & M 18 bt Spink July 1972.
B & M 19 bt Seaby March 1971.
B & M 20 bt N Clark February 1991.

Joseph Freer (b. January 1625), grocer, also baptist; wife’s name Mary (†April 1660).
John Hill (†October 1683), tallow chandler; wife’s name Mary (†February 1680).
Thomas Hill (†May 1676), mercer and draper; one of 12 baptists seized at their Aylesbury church in September 1663 and condemned to death for refusing to conform, but who, after a public outcry, were later reprieved by a personal pardon granted by Charles II. Hill and his fellow baptists were the last Protestants in England to be given the death sentence for their faith