The Preston-Morley Buckinghamshire Collection: Tokens

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Date of Auction: 28th November 2001

Sold for £95

Estimate: £100 - £150

17th Century, Brill, William Goldar, Farthing, Mercers’ arms, 0.62g/12h (Berry & Morley 34; SCBI Norweb 293, same dies; BW. 26); J[–––] H[–––], Farthing, half moon, 1.78g/12h (Berry & Morley 35; SCBI Norweb 294, same dies; BW. 28) [2]. First only mediocre, second very fine but obverse weakly struck, both very rare (£100-150)


B & M 34 found in Oxfordshire, 1995;
bt S Monks September 1995.

*B & M 35 bt Seaby August 1978.

William Goldar (†1672), mercer, also churchwarden; married Agnes Aldinge in June 1628.
The issuer J.H., whose name appears unknown, was innkeeper of The Half Moon; the reverse of this specimen of the token is superior to that illustrated by B & M,
BNJ 1973, pl.iii, 35