The Preston-Morley Buckinghamshire Collection: Tokens

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Date of Auction: 28th November 2001

Sold for £130

Estimate: £70 - £100

17th Century, Buckingham, George Robins, Farthings (2, from two obv. and two rev. dies), paschal lamb, 1.27g/6h, obv. with i of in punched over lozenge stop (Berry & Morley 51; SCBI Norweb 302, same dies; BW. 38); 1.20g/6h, reads robins·in (Berry & Morley –; BW. 38) [2]. First fair to fine, second very fine and well struck, very rare and previously unpublished (£70-100)


B & M 51 bt Spink February 1977
*B & M 52 bt R Shuttlewood June 1981.

George Robins (b. May 1635), mercer; served as mayor of Buckingham in 1663. He subsequently removed to Banbury, where he issued a halfpenny token in 1669 (Milne 19; BW. Oxfordshire 16)