British Historical Medals from the Collection formed by Robert Thomas

Date of Auction: 7th December 2015

Sold for £280

Estimate: £120 - £150

Hearts of Oak Benefit Society (Est. 1842), a silver award medal for Services by W.J. Taylor, named (Mr W.A. Green), 50mm; Orange Society, a white metal ticket by G. Brown, inscribed (Southern Derry Lodge, 570, Bandon), 47mm (cf. D & W 172/547); Society of Arts, Albert Medal, 1863, a copper award medal by L.C. Wyon, named (Art Workmanship Competition, 1881, Mr Victor Reich, for Marquetry), 56mm (BHM 2795; E 1566); Midland Counties Horticultural Exhibition, Aston, a silver award medal by J. Moore, un-named, 41mm; Colonial and Indian Exhibition, 1886, a bronze award medal by L.C. Wyon, un-named, 52mm (BHM 3209; E 1725; Pudd. 886.1.2); Victoria, Golden Jubilee, 1887, Cheddon Fitzpaine, a cupro-nickel tally by Brookes & Adams, no. 203, 38mm (W & E 2037A.1); Cardiff International Exhibition, 1888, a bronze award medal by Baddeley & Reynolds, named (Mr Charles Marment), 57mm (Allen Pt 1; cf. DNW 66, 1123); National Co-Operative Festival and Home Industries Exhibition, Crystal Palace, 1888, a gilt-bronze award medal by Sir H. Herkomer for Restall, un-named, 51mm (cf. Allen 1890/10); Marling School, Stroud, a bronze award medal, unsigned, un-named, 50mm; together with other miscellaneous British base metal medals (37), from Liverpool, Edinburgh, Leamington Spa, Glasgow, Brighton, Plymouth, Taunton, Chippenham, Reading, Huddersfield, Dover, etc [46]. Except for Derry Lodge, those described about very fine and better, others in varied state £120-150


Charles P. Marment founded the family retail clothing business in Queen street, Cardiff, in 1879; the business closed in September 1986