British Historical Medals from the Collection formed by Robert Thomas

Date of Auction: 7th December 2015

Sold for £320

Estimate: £120 - £150

Great Exhibition, Hyde Park, 1851, white metal medals (2), by Allen & Moore, legend in French, 39mm (Allen B105), and for Allan, Son & Co, London, unsigned, 39mm (Allen C305); Victoria, Visit to Ireland, 1852, a white metal medal by W. Woodhouse, 43mm (W & E –; BHM –); Great Industrial Exhibition, Dublin, 1853, a white metal medal by W. Woodhouse, 44mm (BHM 2521; E 1473; Allen Pt 5); Opening of Crystal Palace, 1854, white metal medals by Pinches (2), both 42mm (Allen 065, 080; BHM 2549; E 1487); Exhibition of Art Treasures, Manchester, 1857, white metal medals (2), by T. Ottley, 51 x 41mm (W & E 725A.1; BHM 2604) and by Pinches, 41mm (W & E 727B.1; BHM 2609); together with other miscellaneous British medals, in silver (2), base metal (31), from Natal, Manchester, Southport, Cheltenham, Winchester, Teignmouth, Bath, Carlisle, Balloon School Royal Engineers, etc [41]. Those described very fine and better, others in varied state £120-150


The 1852 Visit to Ireland medal is struck from the same dies utilised for Woodhouse’s 1849 medal (W & E 558; BHM 2333), with the date in the exergue july 20th 1852 overstruck on august 1849