French Historical Medals in Silver, from the Collection formed by James Spencer

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Date of Auction: 7th December 2015

Sold for £200

Estimate: £120 - £150

Société d’Horticulture, Eure-et-Loir, silver award medals (2), by R. Pingret, named (Mr Boutiller, Fruits, Mai 1861), and by A. Borrel, named (E. Maréchal, 1895), 36 and 41mm; Société d’Horticulture, l’Orne, Concours Regional, a silver award medal, unsigned, named (M. Louvel, Instituteur, à Rémalard, 1865), 45mm; Société Générale d’Horticulture, Seine-Infèrieure à Rouen, a silver award medal by A. Hamel for Lecomte, Rouen, named (Mr Louvel, Fruits Conservés, 6 Mai 1866), 36mm; Société d’Horticulture, Seine-et-Oise, silver award medals by A. Borrel (3, different), named (2me Prix, M. Royer-Duval, Rhododendrons Semis, 1869; Mr A. Courlot, 1899; M. Biarne), 42, 41 and 36mm respectively; Société Centrale d’Horticulture, Caen et Calvados, a silver award medal by R. Pingret, named (Mrs Froger Frès, M. Jer. Pontonnier, Geranium Quadricolr., 1878), 41mm; Société Horticole, Agricole et Viticole, Mirecourt, a silver award medal, unsigned, named (L’Hospice de Mirecourt, 1882), 36mm; Société d’Horticulture, Boulogne-sur-Seine, a silver award medal by A. Borrel, named (Melle. Meunier, 1893), 38mm; Société Horticole du Loiret, a silver award medal by L.A. Bottée, named (Page & Fils, 1901), 36mm; Horticulture, a silver award medal by F.-C.-V. de Vernon, named (Sté Hre, Neuilly-Plaisance, Mr Piednoir), 42mm [12]. Very fine and better, several attractively toned £120-150


Fourth only illustrated