Pennies of the Durham Mint, from the Collection of Ray Robinson

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Date of Auction: 8th June 2016

Sold for £160

Estimate: £120 - £150

Bp Bek, class 10ab3, mm. plain cross on obv. only, 1.35g/8h; class 10ab5, mm. cross moline on obv. only, 1.45g/3h; class 10cf1, 1.50g/10h; class 10cf2 (3, one with mm. plain cross), 1.36g/11h, 1.35g/1h, 1.18g/5h; class 10cf3 (2), 1.39g/7h, 1.17g/3h; class 10cf4, 1.43g/4h; class 10cf5 (2), 1.25g/9h, 1.24g/11h (Allen 74-80; SCBI North 524, 553ff, 615, this coin, 616ff, 626-7, 650ff, 719, 729ff; N 1039-43; S 1423) [11]. Fine to very fine £120-150


Provenance: Fifth J.J. North Collection [from Sotheby, 29 September 1983, lot 69 (part)]