A Collection of Gallantry Awards to the Indian Army for the Burma Campaign 1944-45

Date of Auction: 22nd July 2016

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Estimate: £150 - £200

A Second World War Burma operations M.M. awarded to Lance-Naik Mohd Ajaib, 8th Indian Mountain Battery, 23 Indian Mountain Regiment, Indian Artillery, who won an immediate award for his gallant work at Lambui in July 1944

Military Medal, G.VI.R. (44353 L. Naik Mohd Ajaib, I.A.), officially re-impressed naming, re-riveted suspension claw, edge bruising, nearly very fine £150-200


M.M. London Gazette 16 November 1944. The original recommendation states:

‘On 7 July 1944 at Lambui, Lance-Naik Mohd Ajaib was the maintenance signaller on the O.P. telephone line. The H.Q. 1st Devons, where the O.P. was located, was severely shelled for some hours and the telephone line was cut by shell fire four or five times in an hour. Lance-Naik Mohd Ajaib, with disregard for his personal safety and undeterred by the shell fire, continually repaired the line and kept communication through. Returning to the O.P. after repairing the line, he found that his Battery Commander had been taken to the R.A.P. being wounded by shell fire. Realising it was important for his Battery Commander to pass information or orders, Lance-Naik Mohd Ajaib of his own initiative at once extended the line to the R.A.P. His bravery under shell fire and his resourcefulness set an excellent example to the signallers of his battery. As a result of Lance-Naik Mohd Ajaib’s gallant work, the Brigade Commander was able to pass orders to the Battalion Commander over the artillery telephone line at a time when there was no other means of communication between them.’

Mohd Ajaib was from the village of Rawat, in Murree district, Rawalpindi.