The Collection of Nottinghamshire 17th Century Tokens formed by Andrew Knighton

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Date of Auction: 21st September 2016


Estimate: £240 - £300

Blyth, Thomas Bucke, Halfpenny, 1666, 2.73g/9h (PMP 3, and pl. 3, this piece; N –; BW. 3). Struck slightly off-centre and with reverse die flaw in advanced stage, otherwise about very fine, extremely rare; almost certainly the best known and the only specimen known to PMP in 1981 £240-300


Provenance: J. Tanenbaum Collection, Neales Auction (Nottingham), 28 February 1991, lot 2582 [from Seaby 1973]; G. Kay Collection; bt N.A. Clark February 1999